Vision Vision


SMTC attempts to present high level training, research and advisory services to the administrative system of the country by using the fresh and recent scientific achievements and modern technologies.

Regarding to mentioned goals, SMTC follows these visions:

  • Pioneer in produce and transfer new management knowledge and technology which are relied on true Islam.
  • Responsible to the main research and educational needs in administrative system in an acceptable level.
  • Considering and retaining customer satisfaction and to be a unique center in reproducing management knowledge in the Middle East based on Islamic approach.
  • To gain the most well-known title in the region as a research and educational center in the field of public management.
  • To be the first center to employ and supporting the initiators, researchers and innovators in applied researches and education regarding public affairs and state management.
  • To being first choice and selection of government agencies to receive research and training services and as the exclusive partner for public management educational institutes in the region.