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Tasks and Authorities

1.Designing and compiling managers', employees' and  experts'Training System for Civil  Services and general announcement for their implementation.

2. Designing, compiling  and  running   training  programs (courses) for  managers, experts and employees.

3. Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of managers', experts'and employees' in-service training in civil  services and  continuous optimizing them.

4. Planning and performing training programs (courses) in management  and  administrative  techniques for managers, experts  and  employees of other Islamic countries and  related region to achieve regional   dynamism.   

5. Cooperating with related research and training centers aiming at  utilizing their specialties and  skills.

6. launching  applied  researches and studies and producing necessary  knowledge  for civil  service employees.

7. Holding scientific seminars and  introducing  scientific  achievements of  SMTC in terms of   training  workshops.

8. Publishing Journals, scientific  books  and  training brochures  and creating  software  and  computer  programs  in line with SMTC goals.

9. Expanding  the  training  networks at scientific-expert level, taking advantage of modern information technologies aimed at creation, exchange and transfer of public management and planning knowledge.

10. Accreditation  of research and training Centers and institutes  in  public-private sector that volunteer to offer on-the-job training (OJT) courses for government employees and supervising their performance within the framework of the government employees' (OJT) courses in civil service.

11. Designing and establishing the Government Managers database and the Management talents database.

12. Designing and establishing Trainers database and offering exclusive teachers training courses (TOT) for trainers.

13. Training of experts and instructors for planning, performing and assessing public  managers, experts and employees especially at provincial level.