SMTC Performance SMTC Performance

Samples of SMTC’s Past Performance
SMTC has started the fifth decades of its activities; during these years SMTC has done considerable works activities as follow:
1. Designing and holding educational short term in-services
2. Designing and holding different educational and training courses for managers and employees such as job-preparation courses, on-the-job courses and orientation courses.
3. Designing and holding management development courses for managers in different levels.
4. Educating large number of students in BA, MA and PhD courses in the management subject and its sub-categories.
5. Expanding provincial networks and establishing educational centers in 30 provinces of the country as branches.
6. Doing applied  researches on the administrative system, state resources management and civil service law and regulation of public service management
7. Producing audio-visual packages in the field of management and administration.
8. Compiling, translation and publishing various scientific-applied books in the management.
9. Publishing 96 issues journal about management and related topics.
Sample of SMTC’s Current Performance
1. Designing and managing educational – cultural courses for different levels of managers (as a SALMAN Plan).
2. Providing and holding TOT courses ( training of trainers)
3. Designing and curriculum development of financial and computational rules for training of managers in different levels.
4. Holding courses related to “public service management law” for trainers along country as a TOT courses.
5. Providing guidelines to assess validity of non-governmental educational institutes in order to accreditation.
6. Developing and establishing the Managers Database and knowledge workers.
7. Designing and holding TOT courses to make familiar state managers with “Islamic punishment rules”.
(It should be pointed out that there are 30 trainers from different provinces who help to holding courses.)
8. Publishing cyber leaflet to updating managers’ knowledge.
9. Need assessment and determining research topics which are useful to developing management and administrative system reinvention.
10. Addressing and managing projects related to management developing and administrative system reinvention.
11. Holding professional meeting, seminars and conferences about transformation of administrative system.

SMTC’s Development Plans
1. Providing a training network for the entire process of human resources training by assistance of the other governmental organs.
2. Designing desirable and integrated administrative system.
3. Developing applied studies about state requirements.
4. Designing and developing techniques to reduce knowledge gaps for managers, accoding to supreme leader’s addressing with emphasizing on Islamic-Iranian patterns and the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2025 Perspective Document.
5. Preparing the schedule to hold educational long-term courses in MA and PhD.
6. Planning to develop SMTC capacities as a “thinking room” in the MHDC.
7. Conducting applied and comparative researches about human resources management systems with focusing on “Civil Service Management Law” and its regulations and quidlines, developing executive plans for training and evaluation and controlling the its challenges.
8. Providing conditions for international cooperation in the field of human resources management.
9. Designing and holding professional national and international conferences in order to increase capacities of public affairs administration.
10. Supporting new research-educational plans which are matched with public management tasks in national and international level.
11. Planning and providing ground to present educational research services and international consultation.
12. Doing researches and studies which is requested by the MHCD
13. Supporting new research and educational projects on the public management training (in national and international levels).