History History

According to Civil Service Law (approved in1969), article 44, Organization of the state employment and administrative affairs was obliged to establish an institute to perform management training programs and teach administrative techniques for state employees. SMTC, for this purpose, was established in 1969 and focused its activities on job training. Such training programs are concentrated, in fact, on management and administrative skills and offering various kinds of short-term courses including in-service job training and job-orientation courses.

In 1973, Country Higher Education Development Council issued legal license and permission of the first long term course education in MA degree of the public management for SMTC.

Furthermore ,SMTC presented its plans in order to promote professional management knowledge in various subjects such as financial management, information systems management, industrial management , administrative affairs, educational management, business management and public management in BA,MA and PhD levels .So many students graduated and have been presented to state administrative system.

In 2002, two organizations i.e. “the State Employment and Administrative Affairs Organization” and “the State Plan and Budget Organization” are merged according to bill of “Administrative Higher Council” and then “State Management and Planning Organization” is formed. In result, SMTC that was affiliated to the State Employment and Administrative Affairs Organization” is merged with “Higher Institute of Research in Planning” that was affiliated to “The Plan and Budget Organization” and then “Higher Institute of Training and Research for Planning and Management is founded.

While the last mentioned higher institute is established, holding long term courses because of some reasons was stopped and in-service training courses in field of “information technology”, public (social – cultural), administrative common jobs, and specially “management development” were strengthened.

After changing the structure of the “the State Management and Planning Organization” (according to bill of Administrative Higher Council), two president deputy appeared, one was “Vice-Presidency for Management and Human Capital Development” (MHCD) and second one was “Vice-Presidency for Planning and Strategic Control”. (SPAC

At the same time, SMTC was reformed as an independent unit which is affiliated to MHCD. In this way SMTC restarted its activities with new missions.