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Activities and  Actions

a. Designing and  holding  managers', experts' and employees' training courses for  civil services :

(Holding  political managers' training courses .(the  exclusive  right

Holding  managers' training courses

 Holding   administrative techniques training  courses

 Holding   joint  job training  courses

 Holding   on the job training  courses

 (Holding   training  of  trainers courses(TOT

b. Producing  specialized  contents aimed at development of administrative system and  supporting training activities.

publishing  specialized books in  various  fields  of  management

 Translating books and specialized resources in  various  fields  of  management

Compiling  specialized  schedules in  various  fields  of  management

 «Publishing  scientific-research  quarterly» Administrative  Law

«Launching a specialized quarterly on «Administrative  Research and Studies

c.Creation   and   utilization   of  specialized  database.

Creating   and  utilizing  managers' and  the management talents database.

 Creating   and  utilizing  the trainers' database.

Planning  for  launching » Specialized  Database  of   Administrative  System«  .

d. Studying  and  preparing   analytic   reports on administrative system issues.

Studying   and   compiling  human resource    strategic  document peculiar to organizations  and   civil  services.

Benchmarking   successful   managerial  experiences for organizations in various fields.

Launching  evaluation  centers   for  country  managers.

Evaluating manager's qualification while  appointing them.

e. Designing  and   holding  specialized  congresses, seminars  and  workshops about  up-to-date  issues of  administrative  system.

Holding national  congresses in the field of  "Administrative System Monitoring"

 Holding  specialized seminars in the field of » Citizenship  Rights in the Administrative System«.

«Holding specialized workshops in the field of » Final cost of services

f.  SMTC   Managerial   Approaches

 Aiming at  standardizing the process of employees' and managers' training system in accordance with the  most recent  international  scientific  indices.

Emphasizing on  »  The  effectiveness «  of public employees' and managers' training  system.

Endevouring  to establish and enhance »Research and  Development«  in all  stages  of  public employees' training  system.

launching and  developing  liaison with  international assemblies   and  organizations  and  taking  advantage  of  their  experiences.

 increasing private sectors partnership in the field   of   training   of  public servants and managers.( in a competitive atmosphere with respect to rule of law in the country.

 Creating  applied and specialized books and  avoiding producing merely academic   references.

 Setting  the role of the main actors  of  the administrative  system such as policy makers, experts  and  the structure of  the  administrative  system through  producing   contents  regarding to  the most recent managerial issues.

 increasing involvement with training of » Citizenship  laws in The Administrative  System «  for  public  employees and  managers.(being a strategic theme)