SMTC Services SMTC Services

1-Designing, Planning and implementation of training courses with a skilled and practical approach

2- Conducting and accomplishment applied and consulting research in the field of the administrative system

3-Reply to issued certificates inquiries

4-Holding of workshops for administrative system instructors

5-Qualification of state employees' trainers

6-Provide, collection and announce of sources and content for standard of educational courses

7-Documentation and circulating the experiences of professional administrators of the administrative system

8-Collecting and providing analytic information of the country's professional managers

9-Publication of scientific and researched Journal of Administrative Law

10-Acceptance of Compilation and Translation Works

11-Provide scientific and educational resources and specialized books in the field of management

12- Issuance of second type certifications, (skilled and specialized) for government staff

13-Production of educational and promotional multimedia programs

14-Presentation of non-attendance tests and distance education

15-Designing and holding conferences, workshops and specialized meetings in the field of management and administrative sciences

16- Holding of Seminars, Workshops and Web Training Courses (Webinar)

17-Collecting and providing analytical information of instructors and scholars of the administrative system of country